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Jak se Máš?

Schulenburg is nestled in the corner of Historic Fayette County, strategically located on I-10, 95 miles west of Houston, 105 miles east of San Antonio, 80 miles southeast of Austin, and 65 miles north of Victoria.
Cattle and wildflowers share the rolling hills and open fields which surround it. Quaint painted churches and lively dance halls dot the landscape. Having stood for generations they are symbolic of the area’s rich Czech and German heritage which is alive and well to this day.
Schulenburg is the home of the Shorthorns, a venerable name in high school football and a satellite campus of Blinn College. It also has a Catholic Elementary School. Emphasis on education is appropriate since Schulenburg in German means “school town”.
A number of local merchants have built such a strong reputation over the years that they are practically synonymous with the town’s name. New specialty shops continue to open their doors and modern manufacturing plants go quietly about their business, producing goods in Schulenburg that are shipped worldwide. Quality health care is also available.
Schulenburg is a great place to raise children, a great place to retire, and a great place to just come and visit.
Incorporated May 19, 1895
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