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 Guided Tour Information

Tours of the Schulenburg Area

Schulenburg, Texas is called a “railroad town”, “halfway to everywhere”, the “musician town”, “home of the painted churches”, “gateway to the rolling hills,” and many others. It was founded when the Galveston, Houston, and San Antonio Railway reached here in 1873. At that time the many people in the communities of Lyons and High Hill moved to the new railroad town of Schulenburg. Schulenburg was named after Louis Schulenburg who donated the land for the city. Before the town of Schulenburg was founded, various English, German, Czech, and other European citizens settled this area bringing with them their different religious beliefs, tools and ways of life.

The Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce hosts tours of the local Painted Churches. Each tour is led by a docent who will "step on" your bus or join you in your car to narrate particular places of interest. 

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